Newsletter – Aug 2014

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Woodnet – Aug 2014

In this issue:

  • Surprise ETS law change We
    continue to fight!
  • Tax payers pay the price Energy companies pocket the profit!
  • Has the ownership of your post1989 ETS registered forest changed?
  • Log Prices
  • Forest Sales/Purchases

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Surprise ETS law change affects forest owners

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In a surprise move the Government has banned post-1989 forest owners from using Kyoto units when they de-register from the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme.

Until May 16th, post-1989 forest owners were able to voluntarily de-register from the ETS by surrendering cheap units such as Emissions Reduction Units (ERUs). A new law announced in the recent budget banned this practice overnight.

Until the budget announcement, forest owners had been told by Government they had until May 2015 to complete deregistration using Kyoto units. The budget announcement is unprecedented in that private individuals operating within the law stand to lose out significantly in financial terms.

Woodnet is lobbying hard on behalf of clients and all post-1989 forest owners caught out by this change.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your individual situation.

Manuka / Marginal Land Use seminar a big success!

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Thank you for attending the ‘Manuka/Marginal land use’ seminar held recently in Masterton, hosted by Woodnet and the Wairarapa Farm Forestry Association.

Feedback from the seminar has been overwhelmingly positive: we were delighted with the numbers attending, and the very high quality of the presentations.  It seems that a seminar focusing on the potential of manuka as a marginal land use, along with information about the honey value chain, was long overdue.

At Woodnet, “What is your best land use” is the question we always encourage our landowner clients to ask: manuka is only one of a number of alternative uses for marginal land, and landowners need good information on all the alternatives to make well-informed management decisions.

Woodnet is now the leading New Zealand consultancy for landowners wanting to know more about the practicalities and financial implications of manuka  – land reversion, enhancement of existing natural manuka, establishing new manuka plantations, and working with honey producers and bee keepers who want to put hives on your land. We welcome your interest in this exciting and dynamic industry.  Importantly, we can help landowners objectively compare manuka with alternatives such as plantation forestry and livestock production on marginal land.

If you would like to provide us with further feedback about the workshop or what you would like to see happen next in this whole arena, please email us or use the seminar feedback form

A high-quality DVD of the workshop proceedings featuring all the main presentations is available at a cost of $50+GST for workshop attendees, $150+GST for others.  If you would like to purchase a copy, please contact the team at Woodnet.   For those of you who have already ordered your DVD – it is currently in production and we should be posting it out to you within the next week.

The following are links to media articles written post-seminar: