Stuart Orme

Stuart heads the Woodnet team who have developed into a solution orientated group focused on adding value across the forestry value chain for their clients.  He is a Registered Forestry Consultant (MNZIF) with extensive experience in the forestry field.  He is also one of NZ’s foremost experts on marginal land options and the ETS.

In 2010 Stuart joined the Leadership New Zealand programme with other participants selected from across the social and industry axies of New Zealand.  This year long experience helped to cement an understanding and importance of a “big picture” approach to client needs.

Stuart has also successfully completed studies to become a licenced salesperson under the Real Estate Agents Authority 2008 for forestry sales and purchases.

Stuart established Wildside Walks (DOC concessionaire) providing people with unique guided outdoor experiences.

Colin Bradley

Colin has a Bachelor of Science (Forestry) degree.  He is involved in overseeing forest operations; silviculture and suppporting the forest inventory team.  Colin is also involved with the Wairarapa Young Farmers and the Wairarapa Rural Fire Service.  Colin spends a fair amount of his working time travelling to various forestry blocks owned by our clients around the country.

Wendy Bunny

Wendy has a background in administration and joined Woodnet in May 2011.  She is now the mainstay of the administration team –  a proficient ETS and NZEUR account administrator.  Wendy processes ETS registrations, deals with land transfers and insurance queries, and also prepares fire plans.

Margaret Willis

Margaret has a background in administration and client management, which shines through in her friendly and positive manner in helping clients.  Margaret always goes the extra mile to get the job done.  Margaret has developed a thorough knowledge and capability in GIS mapping and ETS since joining the team in March 2011, and recently she has also joined Woodnet’s Field Measurement Approach (FMA) team, which requires her to spend some of her time out in the field.

Phil Orme

Phil (B.Sci-For Hon) has significant experience in the forestry industry.  Previous roles included Port Manager and Harvesting Manager for significant Central North Island and throughout NZ forest operations.  Phil now adds his skills to the Woodnet team through short to medium term projects.  Phil is based in the South Island.