Rob approached Woodnet in 2009 and has 88 ha of post-89 forest registered. He also claimed his compensation credits on a small parcel of pre-90 forest.

“My philosophy on running my business is simple – deal with good people, get good advice, so I can make good decisions. I initially tried to go it alone with the ETS, but quickly realised that I needed a professional. I talked everything over with Woodnet. They were a good source of information and explained things in a way that was useful. In fact, the discussions we had were critical in helping me make an informed decision to register.”

Rob’s first year’s credits coincided with drought conditions on his property, so these were sold and the proceeds used to purchase fertiliser. Year two’s credits were used to help purchase an adjoining property. The most recent credits will not have to be sold as additional funds are not required at this time. Some of his credits were “enduring”, so he doesn’t have to worry about ever paying them back as long as the trees remain standing or are replanted.

“Registering into the ETS has given me all the options going forward. Some people believe that if they register, then they have to actively participate in the scheme by trading their credits – this is a myth. When you receive your credits you can simply choose to sit on them, or, you can sell them if you wish to finance other parts of your business just like I have.”