Woodnet can facilitate the sale of carbon credits on behalf of clients, and also the buying back of credits for surrender purposes. Our fees are 2% + GST of the sale proceeds, or $250+GST, whichever is the greater.

Please refer to Guide to Transferring Units within NZ – June 2012 for information about how to transfer your carbon credits.

When considering selling your post-1989 carbon credits, it’s important to consider and manage your obligations.

When a tree grower sells credits they are entering a contract to lock up the buyer’s emissions in perpetuity, in particular the growth ring of the tree associated with the year of credit allocation. For example, that means when a participant submits an emissions return for their 2008 carbon, they will receive units that reflect the amount of carbon sequestered – the 2008 growth ring and the associated foliage, roots and branches during that year. If those credits are sold, then it is this 2008 growth ring that is contracted to lock up the buyer’s emissions. If the grower releases these 2008 credits because the trees burn, blow down or are cut down, they will be required to return credits to the Government as part of their emissions return process. Credits to cover potential liability may come from a reserve volume they continue to hold in their NZ Emission Unit Registry account. Or they could be purchased from another seller at the market rate at the time. If the trees are planted on land best suited to growing that particular tree species then we believe the obligations are quite manageable.