The Montfort Trimble Foundation is a Masterton-based independent organisation dedicated to growing trees for the educational, economic and aesthetic benefit of the public.

Woodnet manages the Foundation’s two forestry properties – Trimble Forest and Rewanui Forest Park.

This role involves much more than basic forest management, especially at Rewanui Forest Park, which is a mixed farming and forestry property with a growing portfolio of research, development and educational activity, as well as being open to the public year-round. Rewanui Forest Park has one of the richest remaining areas of native forest in the region, as well as hill grazing, plantation forestry, and intensively farmed lowland flats.

Infinite term planning

Woodnet is currently leading an ‘infinite term’ planning exercise for the Montfort Trimble Foundation. This collaborative exercise involves working with a future-planning consultant and a large group of stakeholders to develop a very long-term vision for the MTF, from which a strategic plan will evolve.

Rewanui Forest Park

At Rewanui Forest Park, we instigate research and collaborate with scientists to carry out trials, seek out and apply for funding, and take a full part in encouraging the public to enjoy the fantastic recreational facilities at Rewanui Forest Park.

Under the guidance of Woodnet staff, the following trials have been established at Rewanui Forest Park:

  • Exotic tree species – comparing a range of alternatives to radiata pine on typical east coast marginal land
  • Native species – establishment of native species in a range of typical marginal land conditions
  • Ground-durable eucalypts (in partnership with the NZ Dryland Forests Initiative)
  • Scion mixed species trial
  • Manuka x herbicide trials

We manage on-going pest control throughout the property to encourage native birdlife flora and fauna. Woodnet also led a three-year Sustainable Farming Fund project (2008-2011) looking at building resilience into marginal land use. We produced a series of short information leaflets as a result:

Project summary

Monitoring tree trials

Exotic tree species trials

Native species trials

Pest monitoring

Pest control

Monitoring birds 

Monitoring invertebrates

Monitoring lizards

Carbon farming 

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