ETS Review and Consultation

The Ministry for the Environment has released a consultation document containing proposed changes to the ETS.  Click here to view this documentThey are now calling for submissions – the closing date for submissions is Friday 11th May.

One of the changes that they are proposing is:-

In light of the introduction of pre-1990 forest ‘offsetting’, which will significantly reduce deforestation liabilities under the ETS, review the number of compensatory NZUs provided to pre-1990 forest landowners.

We at Woodnet firmly believe that the introduction of offsetting will not reduce deforestation liabilities, and strongly oppose the removal or reduction of the second tranche of pre-1990 compensation credits.

If you wish to retain your ability to receive the second tranche of pre-1990 credits, then please make a submission opposing this change.

We have prepared a general submission that you may want to edit or use if you wish. Click here to open this document.  Submissions can be posted or emailed, and must be sent to the Ministry for the Environment prior to the closing date of Friday 11th May.(If emailed we would still recommend that a signed copy be posted to support the electronic response.)

Or, information on how to prepare your own submission can be found at