Woodnet has unrivalled knowledge of the economics and practicalities of establishing and managing manuka from the landowner’s perspective. We can:
  • evaluate the likely costs and returns of range of establishment scenarios
  • compare manuka with other possible uses of marginal land including forestry and livestock options.
  • advise on the financial incentives available in some regions to  help offset costs of establishing manuka
  • advise on the potential to generate additional income from carbon in some cases.
Some example numbers
  • $1900 establishment cost in Year 1 for tracking, planting and releasing (no subsidy) plus $40 per annum land rates costs
  • break even will occur at Year 10  (0% IRR) at $50/ha/yr hive rental and a carbon price of $7.60  (MPI sequestration data)
  • if carbon value increases to $15/tonne, by Year 16 IRR increases to 3.8% and revenue to $20,000/annum.

Contact us for an economic evaluation of your own situation.