Global demand for high-value manuka products is ever-increasing. New Zealand’s marginal land-owners are uniquely placed to take advantage of this.

Options landowners can consider include:

  • encouraging natural regeneration of manuka
  • planting marginal grazing land
  • planting to enrich land already reverting to manuka cover
  • planting cut-over forest land.
Developing a sustainable venture based on manuka is not necessarily straightforward. Its economic potential depends to a certain extent on its UMF level; this varies between locations.
We can help you review the practical and economic aspects of developing a manuka venture.

Manuka (left) and Kanuka (right)

For more information of manuka click here, however a quick way to identify it is:

  • Rarely exceeds 5m in height.
  • The nuts (seed pods) are attached to the woody stems (compared to kanuka which has smaller, finer seed pods among the foliage)

Manuka Sampling


Manuka Sampling Continued

We strongly recommend the value of considering this exercise when looking to source seed stock.



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